Our Philosophy

We believe that education should be child-centered. Children who can work in their area of strength and interest are motivated and more likely to be successful. We use the Structure of Intellect assessment to determine specific learning styles and match curriculum and activities based upon the results. Students thrive in an atmosphere where learning is enjoyable and they feel calm, confident and successful. 

Director's Welcome

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I am Pam Jarvis, Founder, and director of Shady Oak Academy.  It’s a privilege to partner with parents in helping their children thrive and become who they were created to be. About 17 years ago I was a parent looking for answers for my youngest child.  My son was like this young oak tree, immature without a strong root system, buffeted by the wind, by trauma and sensory processing issues. I found the Structure of Intellect assessment where I finally got answers that addressed the underdeveloped neurosensory system of his brain and body which hindered him from developing strong attention, thinking abilities, planning/organization, visual and auditory processing and especially memory.  My training and experience in private, homeschooling and public education settings enabled me to create a model of education where children can be happy and successful learners.


We invite you to visit and learn more about our programs and how we can help your child.


Pam Jarvis, M.Ed

Executive Director